Photo of Jerry Wray - Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

Jerry Wray

Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

The first head of the agency to be named to the post twice in ODOT's 100-plus year history, Jerry Wray served as director under Governor Voinovich from 1991 to 1999. During this time, ODOT improved its project management, initiated employee suggestion campaigns, and focused on better meeting customer needs. The department also increased its con- struction program to record levels while reducing operating expenses.

In the 21st Century, Wray and ODOT are committed to maintaining and improving transportation infrastructure through efficient and effective organization and the use of innovative financial tools.

He earned his civil engineering degree from the University of Akron and began his career at ODOT in 1969. He was elected and served as Licking County engineer from 1980 to 1988.

He currently resides in Newark, Ohio with his wife, Eva. They have four grandchildren.