Photo of Omer Osman - Acting Secretary, Illinois Department of Transportation

Omer Osman

Acting Secretary, Illinois Department of Transportation

Mr. Osman has over 29 years of experience in the civil engineering and management field with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). He started his career with the Department upon graduation with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1989. Mr. Osman's has a vast experience in all facets of the transportation field and particularly the management and advancement of complex projects, the assessment of the current state and condition of the existing transportation infrastructures and the funding needs to advance it to a 21st century transportation system. Mr. Osman has an acute understanding of the manpower and future workforce challenges facing the Department as it strives to accomplish its mission of planning, designing and maintaining the state's transportation system. Mr. Osman is currently the Deputy Secretary for the Office of Project Implementation?

Mr. Osman assumed his role as IDOT's Deputy Secretary in February of 2016. This position is responsible of for the guidance of the of the day-today activities of program delivery within the department. Mr. Osman is responsible for the overall development of both short and long term sound technical policies and procedures effecting the diverse activities within the Office of Project Implementation. Mr. Osman accomplishes the department's goals while working with his staff that includes the Director of Highways and the Director of Intermodal Project Implementation and over 4000 technical and non-technical IDOT employees.

Prior to his current position as the Deputy Secretary, Mr. Osman served as the Director of Highways for three years. During this time, he directed the implementation of the annual highway letting program of approximately $1.7B with a Multi-Year program of over approximately $16B, directed the maintenance and operation of the statewide highway system, that is classified as No. 3 in the nation, including snow and ice removal activities, and emergency responses to natural and man-made disasters. As a Director, Mr. Osman placed special emphasis on ensuring that an efficient project delivery system is scheduled and adhered to. Mr. Osman has also placed a special emphasis on steering the technical work of the Department toward the vastly changing technological field in order to maximize efficiency and maintain leadership as one of the premier agencies in the nation.

In November of 2011 Mr. Osman served as Deputy Director of Region 5 that is comprised of 26 counties in Southern Illinois. Mr. Osman was responsible for the assessment, development and implementation of the region's transportation program which includes engineering, management and budgetary responsibilities. Region Five consist of approximately 800 employees, 3300 state highway miles. Before becoming the Deputy Director of Region 5, he was the IDOT District Four Project Implementation Engineer, Operations Engineer and the District Construction Engineer along with several mid-level positions at various Bureaus within District Four in Peoria.

Mr. Osman has placed special emphasis on increasing diversity in all facets of the IDOT Organization in order to help eliminate barriers to women and minorities. He has been an integral member of the state wide Diversity and Recruitment Team that had managed to increase and integrate a diverse population of IDOT's technical staff. As a Deputy Secretary, Mr. Osman continues to focus of attaining maximum participation by minorities and women in all IDOT procurements such as Construction and Engineering contracts. As construction engineer for District Four, he played an integral role in discussing and addressing local and regional minority contractor's concerns during the rapid paced $500 million reconstruction of I-74 through the city of Peoria. Mr. Osman was instrumental in increasing the role and share of Disadvantage Businesses' in the solicitation of Engineering work for the Department. He is currently spear heading the department effort in minority inclusion in the contracting and the engineering aspects.

Mr. Osman long and diverse tour of duty with the Department has honed his outlook for the acute need for a sustainable funding mechanism that addresses the challenges stemming from an old and outdated multi-modal transportation system that moves the state in a position of investment in infrastructure in order to drive the economy of the state forward. Mr. Osman views an integral and a 21st century transportation system that address the need of the state and local highways along with transit, rail and aeronautic modes is the cornerstone for creating an environment needed locally and statewide for a better future.

Notable Major Projects Experience Awards and Memberships

Recipient of numerous Service awards from IDOT, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Bradley University and other organizations.
A graduate of both PACE (Professional Advancement of Career Engineers) and ELDS (Executive Leadership Series) conducted by the department.
Selected as Statewide Engineer of the Year 2006.
A member of Statewide Recruitment Committee.
A member of AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways .
A member of AASHTO Policy Committee .
A member of the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois.